Privacy policy

1. Personal data controller basic

The site is owned by ………….

The company is established in the Republic of Bulgaria and you can contact us as follows:

2. Types of personal data.

2.1. To order through our e-shop you need to register and provide us with the following information:

– Name and surname;

– Email;

– Address;

– Other contact details.

2.2. In addition, for personal data you can provide us at your request to participate in competitions organized by us.

2.3. To use some of the features of our sites (commenting, direct posting on social networks) you can register. Registration is entirely voluntary.

2.4. We also maintain the necessary personal data of our clients, for the purposes of fulfilling the contracts concluded with them, as well as for the purposes of fulfilling our obligations under the Accounting Act.

3. What do we use personal data for?

We use your data to manage your orders in the online store on the site. The data is stored for the period of activity of your account.
The orders made by you in the e-shop are stored within 5 years from the execution of the order according to the requirements of the Accounting Act, even when deleting your account (or information about specific orders).
We use your data to organize your participation in organized competitions, in which case the data is stored for the duration of the competition. According to the rules of the specific competition, the winners can be announced publicly, in a way that will be explained to the specific winners according to the rules of the competitions.
If you have selected this option, your data will be used to receive our newsletter or other useful information about the goods we offer.
If you have registered on our site to be able to comment on articles or to post directly on social networks, then your data is used solely for these purposes.
If you are our client on another basis, your data will be used for the exact performance of the contract, incl. delivery to you, as well as for the accurate and correct accounting and tax reporting of these activities.

4. What are your rights regarding personal data?

4.1. You have the right to access your personal data at any time by logging in to your account where it is described (right of access to the data). You can get additional information by contacting us.

4.2. You have the right to correct and change your account data at any time to keep it up to date (right to correct).

4.2. You have the right to request that your data be deleted (“right to be forgotten”) – by deleting your account. If you fail to do so through our site – you can contact us to do so on your behalf.

You have the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data by deleting your account or removing information that you do not wish to be processed in it. If you are unable to do this yourself, you have the right to contact us to do so on your behalf.
Deleting the account or deleting other type of information from it (withdrawal of consent) does not affect the processing of personal data until the deletion of the account or part of the information in it (withdrawal of consent). Already executed orders, before the withdrawal of the consent, shall be stored within the term under item 3.2. above in fulfillment of our legal obligations under the Accounting Act, the Value Added Tax Act and others.
You have the right to request a restriction on the processing of your personal data if:
You dispute the accuracy of your personal data – for the period we need to verify the accuracy of your data;
The processing is illegal, but you do not want your personal data to be deleted, but you prefer to restrict their processing;
You have objected to the processing of your personal data and a decision is pending as to whether the legal grounds of the controller take precedence over the interests of the data subject.

You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data. In this case, the processing of your personal data shall be terminated, unless there is a legal basis for the processing of the data, which takes precedence over the interests of the data subject, or unless it is necessary to continue processing the data for protection or enforcement purposes. of legal claims.
You have the right at any time by managing your account to opt out of receiving our newsletter or other information about the goods we offer.

5. Is automatic profiling performed?

When processing your personal data, there is no profiling that would cause legal consequences for you or otherwise significantly affect you.

6. To whom can your personal data be provided?

Your personal data may be provided to our partners in order to deliver the ordered goods, in order to carry out the accounting service of your requests, the realization of legal claims and / or the receipt of other services or consultations.
Your personal data is not intended to be provided outside the territory of the European Union.

7. Connection with social networks.

When you register on our site using the option to register through your social media accounts, we will receive information about your accounts on those networks. We are not responsible for the information available on these networks, and you should read the rules and regulations of these social networks for the correction of your data and the exercise of your other rights in relation to personal data.
The information received from us from your social network account is processed for the purposes and according to what is stated here.

8. Cookies on the site.

Cookies are not used to personalize users. You can regulate the use of cookies through the settings of your browser.

9. Commission for Personal Data Protection.

The Commission for Personal Data Protection is the supervisory body responsible for monitoring the application of the norms for personal data protection.
You have the right to lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Commission if you believe that your rights have been infringed.
You can get more information on the Commission’s website: