milliart the beginning

milliart family artwork milica dimitar

In a particularly mystical-astrological way in 2012 milliart was founded, not yet knowing how the cosmos came to life within us, making its luminous path through galaxies and constellations.

Little by little, with the dawn of each new day, our home tentatively expanded its purpose, and one morning it was more of a studio for painted glass.

We recognized Etsy as a space to house our creative urge and charge, and literally a few days after launching our store, we had our first order!

Wow, we said to ourselves as long as we find meaning in what we do and it brings joy and a touch of magic to our clients’ homes, there is no element that can stop us from continuing!

We found our calling in creating our one-of-a-kind cosmic, astrological and luminous watches.

The astrological constellations and all the planets of our solar system are part of our working day and tick in synchronic rhythm in our studio in Varna, Bulgaria.

In 2014, our “Technostart” project, promoting the innovative activity of young people in Bulgaria, came in second place among 180 other projects! As a result, we were able to equip our first workshop for recycled glass. A little later, completely captivated by the mystical world of astrology, we created our first planet clock, followed by constellations and so on….the whole cosmos 🙂

But none of this would be enough for 2014, because almost at the end of it, our amazingly beautiful and sweet sons – twins – were born!

We are blessed and grateful that they have shared our rhythm of life and sense of grace and beauty in all its forms ever since!

We don’t hide that our space clocks are popular on every continent, we are happy to share that our Moon clock flew all the way to oooo Chukotka?! And the god of the oceans, a luminous astrological clock Neptune created by us had a special edition of a unique size, we could comfortably fit all four of us on it and there would be room for at least one mermaid 🙂


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